The gas leak has been fixed and the county has given us the green light to proceed! The pool will be open today!

This has been such a... great year! Thanks for helping us abide by the rules we had to work with. We appreciate your help and believe we had the best season we could expect from 2020.


Because you, our patrons, are so amazing, CVPA Board and Staff have decided to stay open LONGER! Your last day to swim will be Sept. 18th.


The same rules apply: Make a reservation, swim either as lane swimming or swimming lessons. Adults need to be in the pool with their -12 yo kids, and a parent is only allowed to have 2 children in the pool at a time.

Thank you for your patience. Please know that the staff and Board are doing everything in their power to make it as fun as possible, while following strict guidelines.


*We will allow 40 people to make a reservation, if their assessments have been paid.

*We need to keep a ratio of 1 adult (or more) to 2 children (or less). Adult will have to be in the water with their children.

*12 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the water. 13 and over can lane swim w/o a parent, or swim with family in "pod."

*The DEEP END will be set up for lane swimming. (Sorry, no diving boards)

*The SLIDE AREA and the STAIR AREA will both be set up for exercise and private swim lessons. Members will need to adhere to social distancing. (The slide will not be running and can't be used)

*Come "pool ready," which means already showered and in suits. We are hoping to limit the use of the restroom areas; however, restrooms will be open and members are encouraged to wash their hands regularly.

*Bring your own WATER, FOOD, and Teaching toys (diving sticks or rings). The drinking fountain and Snack Bar is closed, and the front desk is a One-Way entrance; no toys will be loaned out.

*At this time guests are not allowed.




*A COVID-19 Waiver must be signed for each family member- minors cannot sign for themselves. (You can find the waiver in the Forms tab).

*Members are encouraged to wear face coverings for check-in and, as tolerable while interacting outside of the water. No masks in the water.

*Members will check-in at the front desk area of the pool. There will be a separate exit area near the snack bar in order to encourage one-way traffic in these areas.

*Members who have traveled out of the state are encouraged to follow guidance from the CDC in regards to isolating before returning to the pool.

A couple links we've been given for guidelines from the NM Environmental Health Bureau.

Public Health Order:


Inspection Announcement:


We have sent several emails to our members. If you are the "primary" member and have not seen these emails, after checking your spam folder, email us to change your email address to your current one.

Our email address is: canyonvistacrocs@gmail.com

The board is currently looking for new board members for the 2020-21 season. Please seriously consider volunteering for a  2 year term! The pool will not/can not run without a full board!

 Hours for weekdays August 13 - Sept. 18

3:00-4:15 PM Lane Swim/Private Swim Lessons

4:30-5:45 PM Lane Swim/Private Swim Lessons

6:00-7:30 PM Lane Swim/Private Swim Lessons

Weekend Hours: 

9:00-10:15 AM 55+/High Risk Members Only

10:30-11:45 AM Lane Swim/Private Swim Lessons

12:00-1:15 PM Lane Swim/Private Swim Lessons

1:30-2:45 PM Lane Swim/Private Swim Lessons

3:00-4:15 PM Lane Swim/Private Swim Lessons

4:30-5:45 PM Lane Swim/Private Swim Lessons

6:00-7:30 PM Lane Swim/Private Swim Lessons


*Members are required to make a reservation before they come.   No walk ins will be allowed.

*The facility will be cleaned between each session.

Swim Lessons 

Due to Covid we have decided to cancel Group Swim Lessons. However, Members can arrange private lessons with lifeguards. Payment and times are arranged with individual lifeguards. There will be a list of available lifeguards at the desk.

Private swim lessons is also seen as a parent teaching a child. Keep ratio to 1:2.


Fun Nights!


We are not doing floaty night this year.

We also won't be doing weekly BBQs.




Lane Swimming

Check the Adjusted Hours as each time will include Lane Swimming.



We are sorry to say that we will not be allowing parties this year.

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