This season will be like no other! Thank you for your patience. Please know that the staff and Board are doing everything in their power to make it as fun as possible, but we will have to follow strict rules.


Canyon Vista Pool is currently closed due to COVID. We have sent several emails to our members. If you are the "primary" member and have not seen these emails, after checking your spam folder, email us to change your email address to your current email.

We are working in small shifts to get the pool ready to open, so that when we are given the green light we will be ready for you!! We can only open when the Health and Environment Department tells us we can. We will keep patrons updated through email.

We'd like to thank the patrons who stepped up and joined the board. The board will be looking for new board members for the 2020-21 season. Please seriously consider volunteering for a board position for a 2 year term! The pool will not/can not run without a full board!

Our email address is: canyonvistacrocs@gmail.com


Regular Hours



Fun Nights!

We are sorry to say that, at this time, we are not doing floaty night this year.

We may re-evaluate during the season.

Swim Lessons 2020

Due to Covid we have decided to cancel Group Swim Lessons.

Lane Swimming



No Crocs this year, sorry.


At this time, we are sorry to say that we will not be allowing parties this year.


Join Us!

A limited number of pool memberships are available.
Click here to see what's currently available.