A Canyon Vista Pool member who is current in paying their dues may sell their membership.

  1. The current member sets the transfer cost for the prospective buyer.
  2. The prospective buyer is responsible for the transfer cost + the current year assessment fee.
  3.  If a buyer buys a membership directly from the pool the cost is $450 + the current year assessment fee.
  4. Our Membership Director validates that the member is in good standing and receives the assessment dues.
  5. Once the sale is processed by the Membership Director, the selling members account is closed and their household may not use the pool.
  6. The buyers information is input and replaces the past member, they will receive our current newsletter with updated fees.
  7. The buyer sends a check for the current years assessment to:  CVPA, PO Box 4634, White Rock, NM  87547
  8. The buyer notes on the check the past members name and TRANSFER.