Welcome to Canyon Vista Pool Swim Lessons

  1. Before you register your child below we ask that you please refer to our descriptions.  The skills we describe are the basic requirements to enter each level:
    1. Pre Level 1-the student is not ready to put their face in the water
    2. Level 1- the student will go in the water without a parent, but no skill requirements
    3. Level 2-Passed Level 1, can float on their front and back and can put face under water
    4. Level 3-Passed Level 2, comfortable with front stroke and swimming on their back
    5. Level 4-Passed Level 3 can swim front and back crawl for 25 yards
    6. SWIM TEAM-Passed level 4, swim freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke 25 yards, scissors kick, whip kick, treading water, and dive.
  2. To register your child you will need to select the Session and Swim Level. Please note that you fill out one form per child, per session.
  3. Only members of the pool and their households are able to sign up for swim lessons.
  4. If a member chooses to sponsor a non-member the member is responsible to sign up and pay for their guest.  If the guest would like to stay the rest of the day after swim lessons the member may use/purchase guest passes to allow them to stay. The guest may reimburse the member.  The guest is the responsibility of the member.  A guest with a guest pass may stay the day or come in and out for that day only. Non-members may not bring in additional guests on their guest passes.
  5. Pricing: It is $45 per session for members and $100 for non-members.